About Us

SEnTu Art&Craft

SEnTu Art&Carft is a trading company specializing in exporting high-quality puzzles, dedicated to providing a wide range of puzzle products to puzzle enthusiasts around the world. We have our own factory, which is a modern production base with advanced equipment and an experienced personnel team. We constantly innovate and pursue excellence to meet the different needs of the market. Currently, our store only supports wholesale purchase of products.

Equipment and Technology

Our factory is equipped with the most advanced puzzle production equipment, using high-precision cutting technology and advanced printing processes. We have automated production lines to ensure the quality and accuracy of each puzzle. Utilizing the latest CAD software, we are able to design and produce puzzles of various shapes and sizes to meet our customers' individual needs.

Professional team

We have an experienced and highly skilled team, including engineers, designers, production managers and quality control experts. They have rich industry experience and are proficient in every aspect of puzzle production. Team members receive regular training and keep abreast of the latest industry trends to ensure we remain at the forefront of puzzle manufacturing technology.

  • Diversified product line

    Our product line covers puzzles of various themes and difficulty levels to satisfy consumers of different ages and preferences. Whether it's classic landscape puzzles, animal world puzzles, historical figures, or creative three-dimensional puzzles and custom puzzles, we have it all. Moreover, we also provide puzzles of different materials and sizes, including wooden puzzles, environmentally friendly paper puzzles, etc., ensuring that customers have more choices.

  • Quality assurance

    We strictly control product quality and strictly implement the quality management system from raw material procurement to production and manufacturing to final packaging and delivery. Each puzzle piece has undergone strict quality inspection and manual acceptance to ensure that there are no flaws and defects, allowing customers to purchase and use our products with confidence.

  • Social responsibility

    As a responsible company, we focus on environmental protection and social responsibility. We adopt sustainable production processes and are committed to reducing resource waste and environmental pollution. Moreover, we actively participate in community welfare activities, give back to the society, and care for the environment.